The prime aim of Natyanjali School of dance is to nurturing the hidden dancing talents in people from different nationalities. For Natyanjali School of dance we have designed tri fold brochure, visiting card, website and A3 posters.
Saturday, 7 March 2015
Classical Dance
Ramya Krishnan has been motivated herself for last 14 years in dancing. She had her arangettam at the age of 12 under the guidance of Guru SandhyaKashumani, who is one of the desciples of famous dancer Dr. MethilDevika. Ramya has achieved her Bharathanatyam degree from Thanchavur University, Tamil Nadu, India. In addition to dance, Ramya is a Registered Nurse by profession. She is compassionate, energetic and friendly
  • Cluster Clue totally did my website, which was prehistoric and very limited. Working together, we made it more modern and added so many functions and uses it’s a whole new thing. I love the way it worked out…aesthetically and functionally it’s just what I imagined it could be. As he worked on it I kept getting new ideas and changing my mind and he never balked at anything, he was right there with me, making it happen. Thanks!
    Ramya Krishnan
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